Rock Hydroponics

At Rock Hydroponics we help beginners and experts alike to get more from their plants and crops by offering a wide range of hydroponic nutrients and additives.

Home of the best Hydroponic Nutrients, Additives and Equipment

We’re passionate about your yields which is why so much effort has gone in to bringing you the very best products.

We’re growers ourselves which means we know the types of problems you as growers face. Whether it’s poor root growth, a lack of stem growth or small crops, we have tried and tested products to help you succeed.

From adding growth nutrients such as Rock Ignite , stimulants and additives such as Rock Super Growth to equipment such as Pot Sox; you’ll experience bigger and better growth like never before by using our products.

And, with over 15 years in the industry and our passion for hydroponics, you can be sure that Rock’s products continue to deliver never-before-seen results.

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