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Our History

At Rock Hydroponics we know what our growers (that's you) want. Better equipment, better advice and bigger, healthier crops.

Starting out in Adelaide, South Australia, our aim at the start was simple. We wanted to formulate, test and supply the very best in hydroponic products to hydroponic growers the world over. And nothing has changed.

15 years on and we still believe in quality and value above all else. In order for Rock to deliver the very best quality nutrient range we, each product goes on a journey, usually lasting several years.

The journey is three simple steps

Step 1

starts at our lab where over 35 years of experience comes together to create unique plant nutrient and stimulant products – many of which are established products world wide.

Step 2

involves 6-12 months of testing and tweaking in our lab to ensure our products are as good as they possibly can be.

Step 3

sees us pass our products to a small network of exceptional growers. They test our products, provide feedback and help us to better solve the problems real growers face.

All of this leads to a series of products that make a real difference to the growers that use them. But don't take our word for it – why not visit our product pages now and see for yourself.

Over the past 15 years the team at Rock (which includes a PhD Botanist and a PhD Chemist) have tried, tested and grown it all. We know that growing strong, healthy plants is definitely not easy but with our products you can achieve the results you want!

The success of our company is a direct reflection of our growers' results and for everyone working with Rock Hydroponics.

"business is blooming"

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